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iPwn Lieblog

Hey kids, so we’re liveblogging here from the Short Hills Apple store covering the iPhone, it’s really sweet. Check it out


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Things That Are Still Funny: Part 1

From the Dept. of Things That Are Still Funny

1) Fabio rides rollercoaster, gets hit in the face by a bird. Kills it. With his face.

2) Impossible is Nothing becomes douchiest video of 2006

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What Makes Gen Y Gen Y?

[Reprinted by request from the old Impressive Most Impressive team blog from last summer. It’s rough, but still pretty cool — if I may be so bold. Though now hipsterdom is on its way out, I think we’ll see if the prediction holds

I’ve been out of commission working on an article for JZ lately, we’ll be back as soon as I get it in today]

First, to lend some concrete definition to what I’m talking about — sociologists define the Generation X period to include those (generally) born between the period 1961-1981, and whose teen/young adult experience was defined primarily by the 1980s. Generation Y, on the other hand, includes those born 1981 and onwards, and therefore has much of their formative youth experience based in the 1990s.

When my brother and I get down to talk, we almost inevitably end up touching upon a few favorite themes, one of which is the relationship between the most recent two generations in American culture, the Xs and the Ys. It’s brought alot of interesting questions to the fore, but perhaps the most intriguing is how best to deliniate the line between the two groups.
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Oh Boy

This study paper analyses the extent to which clandestine organizations embedded in the military andi ntelligence branches of government have been infiltrated by different ET factions, and the threat this poses to the sovereignty of humanity.

ET, of course, meaning aliens. AWESOME.

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Situationist Activism and the Uncanny Valley

There’s a superbly cool hypothesis in robotics that I’ve been in info-fatuation about lately called Uncanny Valley, which discusses the comfort that humans feel in relation to the “humanness” of a machine. Essentially the argument goes something like this: human empathy and familiarity with a robot increases as it becomes more human-like until a vague point very close to a complete human likeness — during which there’s a sudden drop in a human comfort with the object. (a good example is fear of zombies, or clowns –thanks Xtina–, or mannequins)

This much seems intuitively true, but non-obvious. However, I feel that the Uncanny Valley hypothesis doesn’t go far enough. I think the insight isn’t limited to the way robots are constructed, but to the way environments exist more generally, and to the way situationist activist movements have worked in the past, and how they might work in the future.

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Most Amazing Cardboard Box

So I just finished up a suitably intern-y task here at the office which featured me taking lots of legal files and boxing them to be sent off to the Archives. Less than amazing.

What WAS amazing, however, was the Paige Miracle Box they had me using.

Essentially, the idea is that the box starts out completely flat, and then you simply push down on it, and the thing AUTOMATICALLY ASSEMBLES ITSELF INTO A DOUBLE-WALLED FULL BOX WITH NEATLY FOLDED BOTTOM.

Holy crap. This jankity animated GIF animation doesn’t do it justice — but it totally wins the award for Pimp Ass Paper-Based Office Tech of the Year. It’s straight out of an alternative Japanese Origami-punk Jetsons universe. (watch till :50)

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More Infopr0n

This is an old one, but still ridiculously amusing —

The 100 Largest Economic Entities in the World, with the majority belonging to corporations as of 2000.

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