Let Me Introduce My (Three More) Friends

I’m glad to report that the ThisShitIsBananas family is about to get a whole lot bigger. Now introducing —

Mike — Was going to get major oral surgery, now is not. Instead, he will be witty and cynical and tech-savvy on this blog.

Kyle — Was going to hold a mondo ridiculous job as a food/hospitality big-shot, now is not. Instead, he will be photoblogging and occasionally being postmodern on this blog.

Becca — Was originally never going to see her again, but turns out I did. She will be amazing and awesome and blog about cool things that she’s thinking about.

As always, if you know anyone else who might want to team blog with such a fascinating group of people, do let me know.

In other news, watching old Eurovision submissions on YouTube might just be the best thing ever.

More after the jump.


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