iCommons and Should I Buy A Utilikilt?

Sweet jesus — it happened again.

After a long period of dormancy, I once again find myself with the urge to go and purchase myself a brand, spanking-new Utilikilt. For the uninitiated — utilikilts are essentially the luxury clothing statement for the dork who has everything: kilts built entirely from sturdy, non-traditional fabrics and with a hugely impressive array of hidden pockets and their non-hidden brothers. And, as the photo above reveals, they’re pretty sweet, even on local cops(?).

Needless to say, their utter frivolity tends to arouse much division: utilikilts tend to either arouse rabid affection or determined anger. But I’m pretty split on the issue. I’m pretty down with the modern kilt concept — particularly in their Safe For Work Business Edition. And undoubtedly, I feel I’d find myself wearing it around regularly. At the same time, they’re pretty hella expensive.

Sociologically they’re pretty interesting as well — while never reaching that much popularity in the mass public, geek cultures have been steady consumers for years in the Utilikilt company’s product. Speculatively, I’d venture to guess that it’s because it plays into the whole English/Scottish/MontyPythonReferencing side of their psyche, but who knows. I think if any marketing firm ever unlocked the nerd-impluse buy on this one — they’d totally nail that entire market for sure.

So, if you’re reading this — please advise.

I’m headed out to Croatia this evening with a bunch of other FC people to attend iCommons and will be there until Sunday — I’ll be back in NJ around Monday afternoon. From all reports, it looks like it’ll be Lessig-icious. Looking forward to scoping out potential people to work on WFMU’s projects and Ant Alliance. Live blogging and photolog will be posting right up here on TSIB. Stay tuned, mothafuckaaas.

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  1. 1

    wokkawokkawokka said,

    pretty much you need a utilikilt. they’re high fashion, convenient, comfy (i assume),
    and kind of the bomb diggity.

    on the other hand, they are sort of absurdly expensive.
    …solution? learn to sew and make one? not really a good solution. umm…convince
    someone else to buy you one?
    i dunno. i have no suitable answer.

  2. 2

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Duly noted. Votes are now 1 yea, 0 nay, 1 undecided.

    I’ll probably just end up getting one for the obligatory Back to School shopping with my mother. Woo!

  3. 3

    Christina said,

    Pretty much you TOTALLY SHOULD NOT get a utilikilt.

    1) It may be haute nerd couture, but it totally makes you one of THOSE nerds. You know, greasy long hair, awkward and slightly annoying laugh, overeagerness to quote Monty Python for hours at a time. Do you want to be that guy?
    2) It’s…ugly.
    3) Not DIY.
    4) Utilikilts.com claims that they “sell freedom”–and have we really defined that? (Hi Mako)

  4. 4

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Hmm — looks like we’re completely deadlocked 1-1-1

    We’ll wait for someone to come along a break the vote. Though the point (1) is pretty on point — but that actually might be good.

    FANTASYLAND: “I’ll be he has long hair — whoah! he doesn’t have long hair. He’s maaaaaad sexy.”

  5. 6

    laughing asparagus said,

    not just fer nerds: check out their new website. Lots of different guys in those photo galleries. They’re totally hot. I dig a guy who has the balls to wear a skirt.

    do it.

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