Night 2: Benkler

Yochai is giving the key-note. I’ll be liveblogging with some regularity. He’s so loveable.


Photos: Fred B — CC BY-SA. Thanks!


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  1. 1

    switchbladecapslock said,

    821: Benkler is talking about the problems with Diebold. Just asked for Nelson, he’s not there. 😦

    I hope he didn’t get eaten by werewolves.

  2. 2

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Beards make people really credible.

  3. 3

    switchbladecapslock said,

    “Sudden and puzzling rise of software developers as a political force” — distributed political action recurrs over and over as people get used to it.

  4. 4

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Porkbusters — conservative distributed action. SWEET — take THAT technological determinism.

  5. 5

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Geographic data distribution of pork — see sunlight labs.

  6. 6

    switchbladecapslock said,

    This is really hot —

  7. 7

    switchbladecapslock said,

    He has this really nifty slide on the pulling forces of the public sphere.

  8. 8

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Transparency as the antidote to the constraints of culture.

  9. 9

    switchbladecapslock said,

    James Boyle is going to have a musicological narritive of copyright, borrowing,a and culture. SWEET.

  10. 10

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Legendary K.O. “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” — I sometimes wonder if there a racial component to the Commons analysis. Like, the oft-made observation that now rock/jazz have been academized. We just talk about sampling/sharing/etc with lawyers because hip-hop’s political/legal content can’t be removed? I dunno.

    Wolf Blitzer: “they are so poor, and so black.” That’s an awesome sample. Take that CNN!

  11. 11

    switchbladecapslock said,

    I’ve never seen Benkler speak — he’s so fuckin’ good.

  12. 12

    switchbladecapslock said,

    In some ways, I think Benkler’s ideological affirmation of the internet as relevant to JUSTICE specifically is on point. Though it removes “choice” a little from the center of CC.

  13. 13

    switchbladecapslock said,

    “What is the extent to which new behavior creates a new human ethic towards one another?”

  14. 14

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Creates communication, cultivating human virtues, cooperation…

    More peer interactions create new self-conception. MAYBE. More opportunities.

  15. 15

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Nice — newspaper startup cost has gone way way up. 2.5 billion to start a new paper now.

  16. 16

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Radical decentralization of physical capital necessary for information creation, storage, and communication. — THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE

  17. 17

    switchbladecapslock said,

    we all have the capability of being producers.

    Periphery to the center of the economy.

  18. 18

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Also decentralized the authority to act.

  19. 19

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Also — laptop design look — NOTHING. Like JZ.

  20. 20

    switchbladecapslock said,

    He just skipped over apache and wikipedia with a gesture. I love how he can do this in this crowd.

    In other news: the “2.0” count : 40! FORTY!

  21. 21

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Mmmmm… the 2×2 bracket. The most powerful tool of social science. His is so good. New competition against the two worlds.

  22. 22

    switchbladecapslock said,

    BBC– london bombing photos only back from cell phones. Reminds me a little like the V-tech shooting coverage. Even THAT had a really perverse element of peer production to it.

  23. 23

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Long-term Trend — Decolonization –> Integration to a global trade/IP system.

  24. 24

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Benkler believes that we are moving towards a unified, converged IP system. I think (sadly) that he’s right.

    e.g. I need a new thesis topic.

  25. 25

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Creates an emerging countermovement — a2k iCC as a form of a global effort to sustain the commons for the purpose of improving democracy and equality.

  26. 26

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Development is entering the WIPO agenda!

  27. 27

    switchbladecapslock said,

    A battle over institutional ecology as the key part of the fight.

  28. 28

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Proprietary model pushes back against the commons model

  29. 29

    switchbladecapslock said,


  30. 30

    trust means that nincompoops can use computers

  31. 31

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Glorification of hacking around DRM is a social reponse to bad regulation. Cultural response.

  32. 32

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Resisted by increasingly stronger social sharing practices.

  33. 34

    switchbladecapslock said,

    In some ways, listening to Benkler speak is a little like hearing a more realistic version of Ray Kurzweil. It’s really refreshing to hear someone speak so affirmatively about how good the future will be.

  34. 35

    switchbladecapslock said,

    “I just haven’t seen so many perfect markets” — word up

  35. 36

    switchbladecapslock said,

    QUESTION: Digital Sharing as cultural thing only in the West?

    Interesting question about multiculturalism, which has been floating around alot with no good answer at this conference.

  36. 37

    switchbladecapslock said,


    Used to see sharing as a foriegn/undeveloped thing — not like in the developed West. BUT, sharing easier in the West?

    –>When you have excess capacity, it’s easy to share. This lumpy argument is so good in the book.

    Good rejoinder to the Africa thing: most significant is to begin work on BASIC needs. They get to the point to deal with IP issues.

  37. 38

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Technology doesn’t determine anything.

    Take that, Cory Doctrow!

  38. 39

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Benkler just rocked a beard wiggle. Sweet. It’s really intimidating, actually.

    Now, he’s proceeding to totally demolish the challange.

    –> Internet embraced by many muslims, allows them to overcome control of the media.

  39. 40

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Question — It’s Brendan Ballou: here we go. “Stablity requires undemocratic mechanisms?”

  40. 41

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Interesting. Social norms as regulating force.

    Wikipedia — undermines basic belief that accreditation knows the truth, and that many people are even better. Eliminates the illusion about their claims to authority.

  41. 42

    switchbladecapslock said,


  42. 43

    switchbladecapslock said,

    4-day account delay enough to stop the kid.

  43. 44

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Christopher B is coming into the hopper. Rockrockrock

  44. 45

    christopherchristopher said,

    enough to stop that kid, but i just blanked the elephants page, WHO IS SMARTEST NOW

  45. 46

    christopherchristopher said,

    i also like that sometimes when he says illegal it sounds like “an eagle.”

  46. 47

    switchbladecapslock said,

    There goes Fred and his fabulous head of hair.

    Worry: there may be things that find themselves not well suited for peer production? It might naive to apply it to everything.

  47. 48

    christopherchristopher said,

    oil paintings are great, but who cares, we have cory arcangel

  48. 49

    christopherchristopher said,


  49. 50

    switchbladecapslock said,

    2 answers —
    1) Things that can’t be broken down into enough chunks — are very resistant to peer production. There are limitations culturally — we perfer the big-budget movie. (it makes THAT thing resistant to peer production)


    2) All he’s talking about is continuing to advance on the unit of the individual.

  50. 51

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Man, I am so pumped that he’s at HLS next year.

  51. 52

    christopherchristopher said,

    *giant robots

  52. 53

    christopherchristopher said,

    make society humane and decent, please

  53. 54

    christopherchristopher said,

    and bearded

  54. 55

    switchbladecapslock said,


    Alright, eating time. Seeyakids.

  55. 56

    switchbladecapslock said,

    Though doctrow is pretty cool.

  56. 57

    Christina said,

    I’m so sad and alone in Ohio without you guys.

  57. 58

    switchbladecapslock said,

    We were depressed you weren’t there. Mondo uncool.

    How’ve you been though?

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