Danger is = TOTALLY SWEET!

I’m really enthused by the idea of machines whose entire purpose is to be incredibly dangerous. It’d be cool to build one next year.

You know, something in the line of a huge tesla coil. Something squarely in the increasingly awesome “Futuristic Superweapon That You Can Build” genre. I figure the only close competitor is the sonic devastator fear ray.

Or, two (harder to build) alternatives are —

THE KNIFE MACHINE: Ideally a key-operated machine that wildy wheels around randomly and stabs in random directions until it runs out of battery power.

THE FLAME HURRICANE: A jet engine. That shoots flame. Everywhere.

Come on, how much trouble could I possible get in? Check it out —

Totally not against the rules.

Also — for your edification — the Singing Tesla Show (courtesy B. Farmer)


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    Christina said,

    How did you get through this post without mentioning Survival Research Labs?


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