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Hey kids, so we’re liveblogging here from the Short Hills Apple store covering the iPhone, it’s really sweet. Check it out


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  1. 1

    Tim said,

    So the iphone really is the shit.

  2. 2

    Tim said,

    Apple was really able to swing the thing with the touchscreen, despite mike’s oily fingers, it’s still really superb

  3. 3

    Tim said,

    This is pretty much JZ’s doomsday scenario here.

  4. 4

    Tim said,

    So in some sense, I guess the iPhone is relatively generative, though it passes the entire room for innovation to the webaps.

  5. 5

    Tim said,

    So the price is still suitably ridiculous — but telling by the reactions of people here — I think weve got a total ipod effect on our hands here.

  6. 6

    Tim said,

    You can still run meebo, etc. And theoretically third parties could still get involved

  7. 7

    Tim said,

    I love how people are using the iPhone to make free phone calls. GENIUS

  8. 8

    Tim said,

    The keyboard is …okay. My fat ass fingers have some problems typing things in. But I hear from one of the reps that it’ll learn over time.

  9. 9

    Tim said,

    This is pretty terrifying. Kind of cements 2007 as the year of the twin Happy Big Brother Emperres, Google and Apple. Go team scary.

  10. 10

    Tim said,


    I’m a dumbass

  11. 11

    Tim said,

    The amount of security here is nuts. There’s like three guards near the doors.

  12. 12

    Tim said,

    Mike’s theory is that statistically, 90% of the people are assholes. Including the internet. GOOD GONG

  13. 13

    Tim said,


    my typing sucks

  14. 14

    Tim said,

    Greg Packer waiting for the iPwn. Read his wikipedia page, it’s ridiculous.

  15. 15

    Tim said,

    So the safari browser sucks. I hate that it might become the most used browser on the portable devicce market

  16. 16

    Tim said,

    Mike just froze the IPHONE. WAY TO GO.

  17. 17

    Tim said,

    okay — we left right after this.

  18. 18

    Christina said,

    It’s a huge problem that they use Safari. Having to use Safari is enough to turn me off to ANYTHING. If the only way I could access food was through Safari, I would probably die. And I’m a fattie.

    My 2 cents (posted via Firefox…yeaaaah)

  19. 19

    Tim said,

    Firefox 2 is awesome. I’m hoping that Firefox releases a browser that I can access through the Safari browser. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SWEET.

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