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Strange Tings A Gwan

Larisa and I spent Saturday cruising New Kingston–we went shopping at Sovereign Centre, saw The Simpsons Movie at the movie theater there, and walked all the way down Hope Road to Half Way Tree for more shopping. Here are some funny sights along the way, followed by a report of the bizarre world of movie-watching in Jamaica after the jump.

Our cab driver is, as you can see, a proud fan of the Memphis Red Sox.

The theatre was a member of NATO! Maybe the RIAA should take a leaf out of this book: make your acronym sound like a really terrifying pan-national defense league, and maybe those pesky movie pirates will finally stop downloading all them motion pictures!


And down the road, they’ll harvest your organs while you get your nails done…?


And, my favorite, which merits a medium sized picture:

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Evil Index Update

Such day of mixed performance on the Evil front. Villany just isn’t what it used to be —

Ups: Rupert Murdoch Buys Dow Jones

Downs: Ted Stevens’ House Raided by Police

And we here at the TSIB team are still waiting on the FCC decision on 700 Mhz.

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Ballistic Hypnogogia Theatre

Psychonaut exploration without the use of expensive, illegal, and withdrawal-inducing drug abuse?

Introducing the dreamachine, endorsed by the likes of Tim Leary and Will Burroughs. The New York Times article on it is fantastic. You can experience the effect using your monitor here.

Though I’m thinking that it might be even more dramatic if it got hooked up to a projector for a whole audience to enjoy, which would allow you to induce mind alteration en masse (which is pretty sweet).

I’m thinking the Golden Arm will be regular “screenings” of the Dreamachine next year, with different soundtracks at each event.

How cool would that be

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Assume this phone is tapped

this sticker used to be really funny (especially given its location) however now one could presumably place it on every phone in America. Go AT&T!

this should be rotated

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Infoporn: Linux Distro Timeline

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Regulation as a Storytelling Constraint

What’s interesting about the U.S. version of the Office is that, despite essentially building off of the same premise as its predecessor, it still manages to be hugely different than its British counterpart. Granted, both still manage to be wildly entertaining, but in pretty distinguishable ways.

Though you might be able to square away the content of the humor to the particular sensibilities of each show’s respective audience, some things don’t seem immediately obvious to attribute to cultural differences. For example, the pattern of British television shows more generally is repeated in the UK Office — that is, there’s only a few hour long episodes.

Mike and I were chilling out this weekend, and we hit upon a pretty cool rationale that ties concrete economic regulation of mass media in each country to the kinds of stories that artists can tell and the sorts of plot elements they can use.

I thought it was a pretty interesting idea since it implies that the way the government chooses to be involved in a medium (not only as censor) shapes the artistic, aesthetic elements that become widely distributed in the public sphere.

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Viva Pinata TV Spot

Hadn’t seen this before — it rules hardcore.

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