Exopolitics, Ike, and Dentistry

A few days ago I made a post with an academic article that was writting about extraterrestrial infiltration of government agencies.

Apparently, further examination reveals that this is part of a developing field of political science called exopolitics, which seems mostly to be people speculating about the political implications of contact between humans and aliens. The field of research sports all the usual academic trappings, including a fancy pants conference. Which is cool, beyond confirming widely held-suspicions that polysci is a softie field fit for fools and blockheads.

More interestingly in a wikipedia-kind of way — it’s also the basis for a ridiculous debate about presidental teeth condition.

The leader of the movement is Michael Salla, who, predictably, is a little insane. His previous project was American University’s “Peace Ambassador Program,” whose mission is, in concrete terms, “combines study, meditative practices, and prayer ceremonies at selected Washington DC sites aimed at promoting individual self-empowerment and Divine Governance in Washington DC.”

He is, incidentally, also on Facebook.

Perhaps most interestingly, he believes that Eisenhower met up with aliens on Feb 20, 1954, instead of going to his dentist appointment, what THEY would have you believe. This evidence seems to mostly come from the Blogointertubes.

This is rebutted by in the Washington Post article, which cites to an obscure article by one JM Mixson, who, in addition to being a mere dentist, apparently is the world expert on an even more exciting, perhaps more ridiculous field than exopolitics.

The history of dentistry in American politics.

In addition to compiling an extensive history of Ike’s dental health, he has written tracts on Joe McCarthy’s lefty dentist, and has an awesome article entitled, “The Two Crises That Faced President Truman: Korea and dental.”

The “Nature” of this academic underbelly is the Journal of the History of Dentistry. I got to reading some of the articles, and, it’s actually profoundly interesting stuff — the best so far being “William J. Morrison; Co-inventor of the Cotton Candy Machine.” (Full article available Here)

All issues of the journal are available in volume-by-volume form here.

I’ve found the easiest way to surf is to read the table of contents, and then delve into the volumes when something strikes your fancy. JM’s article on Eisenhower is here.  (scroll down, it’s not until their November issue)

More to come as I get more into this…


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