PETA is Crazy

So, I think the idea of animal rights makes sense.

For example, clubbing baby seals — there’s a reasonable case for that being kind of mean.

But, taking someone’s grandmother’s corpse and holding it hostage = not so classy.

Plus, get this — it’s illegal too.


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  1. 1

    michael said,

    I also find their position on the use of animals for medical research somewhat ridiculous. Why not spend your time convincing people to become vegetarians before stealing dead grandmother’s in order to prevent people from SAVING THE CHILDREN (from cancer). Will someone please think of the children.

    In short, meat eating is far less defensible than curing cancer. At least, in my opinion. Which is objective fact.

  2. 2

    Tim said,

    Hey it could be worse. They could’ve killed his kids too.

  3. 3

    Mad Bluebird said,

    Hey did you know that the nazis were big time animal lovers? they were in big time animal rights activists and HITLER WAS A VEGETARIAN and the nazis had big time fasination with animals after all why else did they name their different battle tanks animal names like PANTHER and TIGER

  4. 4

    Simone said,

    lol, PETA are certianlly what you would describe as extremists. While i admire their intentions and their viewpoints, i do believe that they take matters a little too far sometimes.

    And i’m just hoping that animal research will evolve and develop in a way that reduces the need for live testing. While i’ll admit that most research is quite invaluable, i don’t really like the idea of forcing innocent animals to suffer. Especially for needless experiments (and believe me, there are some pretty pointless ones out there)

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