Brother Nathanael vs. the Anti-Christ (ACLU)

BREAKING NEWS: The law offices of the ACLU are officially being protested by Brother Nathanael, dressed in a black cowl and brandishing a “ACLU GAYS ARE ANTI-CHRIST” sign. The interview with him is awesome.

This apparently is something of a career for Brother Nathanael, who has been previously sighted in Boston, around Colorado (where he was the target of a drive-by BB gun shooting), and elsewhere. There’s some evidence to suggest also that he may be an afficianado of gay porn. Go figure.

Perhaps the best part of his dual blogs (Livejournal and are the insane composite collages that he puts together, which I’m sure are assembled in MS paint or something. A sampling:

That’s agit-prop for you, I guess.

What I want to know is, who’s he staying with while he’s here? Does Brother Nathanael get sponsorship to fund his move around the country? Does he have a day job? More news on this as it develops.


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  1. 1

    Check out the pictures of the man carrying the Cross and the sign:
    ACLU Jews
    This said: ACLU Jews are the Anti-Christ

  2. 2

    Rhine said,

    I think Brother Nathanael is SPAM.

  3. 3

    […] of you may remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about Brother Nathanael’s week-long incredibly inept hate-mongering one-man protest against […]

  4. 4

    […] read more | digg story 豪杰 @ 22:13:42(+0000) [filed under Digg […]

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    Hans said,

    This guy is not a real monk. He’s sick. Real monks in the Orthodox Church don’t “free lance” and run all over the country on their own. They don’t promote their faith by standing on street corners yelling in- your-face invectives at people (actually, they don’t proselytize at all), or have self-created web sites devoted to themselves, filled with photos of themselves and shameless self promotion. “Brother” seems to have a few loyal “fans”, though some of those could be his imaginary friends. Every church has nut cases and the Orthodox Church is no exception. Guys like this give religion a bad name, and exemplify the kind of bigotry and hatred that has led to countless millions of people being marginalized, abused or killed in the name of God.

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