My Way or the Pie Way

I was reading Ourspace by Christine Harold and found mention of this most excellent culture jamming group, the Biotic Baking Brigade. Their tactic is simple, beautiful, and…uh…delicious. When a politician, businessman, or public figure does something out of line, the Baking Brigade reprimands them with a simple pie to the face. An example:

Yep, that’s Micro$oft CEO Bill Gates with a lot of pie all over him. Other victims have included: Willie Brown, ex-mayor of San Francisco, Fred Phelps, Milton Friedman, etc.

Christine Harold makes an excellent argument for why this type of silliness is actually a more effective culture jamming strategy than, say, the glossy parodies of Ad-Busters. She refers to a pie in the face as “visual Esperanto”. A review of this book is DEFINITELY forthcoming.


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    Kathy O said,

    Hi there – I just went on the search for the BBB and found your blog – just finished an article on culture jamming by Harold and was looking for more info. Did you read about the Barbie Liberation Organization as well? It might fit in with the topic of your blog 🙂

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