Association Is Causation: Part II

Some of you may have heard about Oscar the Death Cat — the amazing cat that has accurately predicted the death of over 20 patients in a nursing home. If he curls up next to you, you’re probably going to die within 4 hours.

The report suggests that Oscar might just be unusually capable at picking up on the subtle signs of impending death, but the facts are consistent with another possible hypothesis:


They’ll probably be way embarrassed if that later turns out to be the case.



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  1. 1

    lingri said,

    actually i was thinking, “what if people see the cat curl up next to them and just lose the wil to live?”

  2. 2

    Tim Hwang said,

    Yeah, now that Oscar’s reputation is out, we might ironically see a huge uptick in fatalities that occur when any cat curls up next to someone due to expectations of animal death-predicting accuracy.

    Gooo team!

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