Ice Cream Music

So, I love ice cream. In China, I prefer taro and red bean ice cream bars. In Ohio, there’s always Graeter’s. During the school year, I find comfort in the vault at Herrell’s, a pint at Tosci’s, or a cup at that one place across the street from Addis Red Sea. And in Jamaica, I’ve discovered what may be the most tasty coffee and alcohol ice creams in the WORLD at Devon House, conveniently located a block away from my apartment. Life is good.


What’s my point? Oh yeah. Today Boing Boing featured an album called “Songs for Ice Cream Trucks”. I applaud their choice, and add one of my own–Twink’s Ice Cream Truckin’, which has a really delicious looking album cover and some really excellent songs. More flattery after the break.

Twink is a dude who loves his toy pianos and bright colors. His site is really great–there’s some excellent merch and a really awesome gallery of toy pianos (check out “Animal Orchestra” and identify the mysterious green thing!). If you click on “FAQ”, there’s even a great list of bands with the same name. Plus, one of the tracks on Ice Cream Truckin’ is done by no other than our friend wayne&wax. And besides, when the artist looks like this:

How can you say no to a scoop?


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