Best of Byrd

God I love 400-year old vampire Southern senators — particularly Robert Byrd. I’m pretty sure he’s a Black Ops steam powered automaton that President Lincoln commissioned during the Civil War to fight the Confederacy or something.

I got reminded of him most recently, of course, because of the dogfighting controversy where he went nuts.

But there’s so much more awesome in Robert Byrd’s eternal lifespan. The Best of Byrd, after the jump.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Byrd is also president pro tempore. Agreed: this is bodaciously awesome.

He Justifies His 400-Year Long Lifespan

Hot Sexy With Ted Stevens

Byrd Sleeping


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  1. 1

    daredevil92103 said,

    yup. us west virginians really dont have much to say. it’s the chemicals here. i do think he fought in the civil war, though.

  2. 2

    Saeed Tiwana said,

    I came to US in 1998. I’ve listened to Sen. Byrd many many times. It is a pleasure listening to him. He is a true watchman. I do not have his address. Could I send him my novel (THE PRINCE & THE DANCING GIRL-google) at his senate address?
    He is the wisest man in America. Believe me he is made out from the same ink that wrote your great Constitution.
    I still remember him saying” ( In Iraq ) “I’m not prepared for a King yet!”
    America needs his great wisdom.

  3. 3

    daredevil92103 said,

    yeah, he’s not bad. i didn’t take what you said offensive, though. i was laughing at sen. byrd. he is old! you wrote a novel? cool. i always wanted to do it, but i’ve only had a few starts, and then work and everything gets in the way.
    no, with the way our country is heading, i’m very wary of my representatives. they should be doing more, and i’ve let them know it.

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