Election Shenanigans

Not in the US, for once!

The Gleaner’s Jamaican Election Blog has a great collection of major oopsies by Jamaican politicians. My favorite:

“Gangsta fi Life!”
– PNP candidate for Northern Clarendon Horace Dalley got a little overexcited on a campaign platform with microphone in hand when he chose to imitate the refrain popularised by deejay Mavado. This might be viewed by some as a Freudian slip about the political system given recent violence and the widespread belief that both political are tainted by associations with gunmen.”

Given that the PNP’s major argument for why they should win is that change is bad and that the JLP’s most convincing defense is that they should be given a chance because, hey, what else can go wrong…maybe Jamaica should just roll FCC-style and just flip a coin or something.

Next post: favorite Jamaican music videos. Yeaaaah!


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