where have all the special ops been?

reason #569 i’m glad i came to russia: tonight i was escorted home from ТЦ…by a future russian spy!

that’s right. my escort was a member of russia’s special airborne forces, and tells me that he is essentially a spy in training. i came to be acquainted with this young man (Timor, or ‘Tim’ in english) outside the grocery store, where i was having a soda with my american girlfriend. timor overheard my friend and i speaking, deduced we were foreigners, and without asking, pulled up a chair at our table along with his drunk friend. apparently there’s a military academy just down the road, and somehow i never knew of its existence until tonight, when half of its students ended up drunk and in the fountain outside the main shopping center. where have all these kids been? akademgorodok isn’t exactly a big town, and men in uniform tend to stand out. alas and alack, tonight was the first and last time i will see these gents, as they are scheduled to ship out tomorrow for the black sea. i should’ve stolen one of their barets while i had the chance…


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    Tim Hwang said,

    Those russian spies are so svelte

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