MBTA: Safety First Right?

I’m not a fan of the MBTA. Although I gave up owning a car for the pedestrian life (which means MBTA is my sole means of transportation) I still think their performance has been sub par for as long as I have been riding the T. Reports abound that the management continues to lose money every year and who could forget the Mooninite fiasco where they brandished their overly developed sense of paranoia to the world. Despite their ability to be efficient, profitable, or credible they have lately professed only one motto: Safety. The physical safety of passengers is clearly not what they are referring to. The MBTA is busy spending their ill gotten millions protecting us from non-existent hollywood like terrorist threats instead of focusing on actual physical safety.

broken grate

This grate is at the bottom of the Central Stop in Cambridge and not only looks dilapidated but is actually a safety hazard. The grate falls inward if you step on it and today that is exactly what I did. On my way to work I stepped off the last step and twisted my ankle on it. Everyone around me asked if I was alright and having never sprained my ankle before assumed I was. I saw an employee changing out a camera on the other side of the gate and told him he should call someone to fix this grate. “That’s not my problem”

Awesome effort MBTA guy! I realized I forgot my card and went back to my apartment (slightly limping). After I entered the gates of swinging glass (which are controlled by a MS Windows computer…) I looked for an attendant to alert about this safety issue.

no attendant here!

Is anyone surprised here? Once I finally got to work my ankle was tender but I hadn’t actually looked at it. When I finally did I noticed that my ankle was now the size of a tennis ball! I am not about to launch into the typical American litigious mode and try to sue the MBTA for all their newly acquired millions (courtesy of ATHF parent company) however I would like to see video. And MBTA does have video for sure. They have cameras everywhere and I am really curious who is allowed to see what. For now I am hobbling around on some borrowed crutches, elevating, icing and resting.

sprained ankle


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