A Brother Nathanael Post-Mort

Some of you may remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about Brother Nathanael’s week-long incredibly inept hate-mongering one-man protest against the ACLU where he sported cowl, big ass cross, bike reflectors, and a huge “ACLU JEWS ARE ANTICHRIST” sign.

He recently scored an exclusive interview…with himself…about his protest of the ACLU. It’s been posted to his livejournal — which features a whole new crop of insane MS-paint composed collages and incredibly leading questions.

It’s awesome: a little like watching someone really getting into talking with themselves.

And here it is.

Vaguely interesting tidbits, after the jump.

Two Interesting Tidbits:

1) What’s (vaguely) interesting is that all the images on his Livejournal are hosted at the somewhat mysterious site www.trueorthodox.com, which claims to be a place where “TRUE ORTHODOXY Will Be Right At Your Very Fingertips,” though it hasn’t been updated since last year. Apparently there’s some kind of Stalinist connection to Bro. N’s faith?

2) Another (vaguely) interesting question is where Bro. Nathanael gets the time and funds to travel around the country. At the end of his interview he asks his readers to:

Please send a check to: Br Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 170; Dillon CO 80435. Email: bronathaniel@yahoo.com

I loathe to say it, but maybe he’s just surviving (and thriving!) off of donations alone? The Long Tail for Insane Jewish Conspiracy Theory Protests? Go figure.


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    mike woerl said,


    “he sported cowl, big ass cross, bike reflectors, and a huge “ACLU JEWS ARE
    ANTICHRIST” sign.”

    Now, c’mon, lets be realistic-even if only a little bit-if a 24″x 12″ sign is what you call

    Of course, if he is a nutcase, he is MORE of a nutcase if he carries a HUGE sign, eh?
    And, I mean, if it really ISNT huge, well, whats the harm in gong a\head and saying it is
    huge anyway? Just goes to help prove the point-only-isnt that called LYING???

    Russian Orthodoxy has no “Stalinist connection”, except for the fasct that the Soviet
    government, from Day 1, martyred MILLIONS of Russian Orthodox bishops, clergy,
    monks, and laity. As usual with the bolshevik government of Russia, Stalin was by far
    the most vicious in carrying out the killings. The clergy in the Soviet Union finally
    compromised and cooperated with the government…..of course, this is all pretty much
    rock bottom basic history of the 20th century, but, you know we hear about how poorly
    the American schools teach just about everything, and how far American students are behind in every subject….when did you finish high school? would you agree the poor teaching and
    very little learning was part of your experience?

    NOTHING at all like a blogger commenting on things he knows absollutely nothing
    about~oh-describing this small sign as HUGE-do you blame that on a poor education
    in math, or just a natural penchant for exaggeration to help get your point across?

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