Jamaica 2.0, Part 2

Don’t you hate it when you post something about a phenomenon, and then the VERY NEXT DAY something totally explodes all over the scene that is really relevant to what you were writing about?

Check this headline I saw today: “PNP ‘pimps’ candidates for virtual friends“.

In addition to being endlessly hilarious, this article is also about an attempt from both of Jamaica’s major political parties to “reach out” to young people by, um, creating profiles for their candidates on social networking sites?

The whole article leaves you feeling kind of sorry for whoever is in charge of these campaigns. Clearly, they just wanted to throw technology at a problem and make it go away, but social networking profiles with no content and tiling heart backgrounds isn’t really going to make the youth of Jamaica stop thinking that politicians are total scumbags. It’s not even going to get them new supporters. Social networking has two sides: representing your current social network (in this case, supporters), and finding new people. Clearly, these pimped profiles are only useful for the first without additional content and strategies.


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