Indie Movie Trope #495 — The Static Shot

Saw Rocket Science over with the weekend with Cat, about an awkward stuttering kid that joins the high school debate team. It’s funny and awesome and is probably just about the best new movie I’ve seen this summer. (Outside of, obviously, Step Up)

Though what’s interesting is how the independent movie genre has become a genre in the sense of becoming a recognizable, predictable style incorporating recurring elements.

Everyone knows, at least, the thematic tropes. (Awkwardness, personal failure, etc) But it’s interesting seeing how technically things have become standardized as well, perhaps the most prominent of which is the long static portrait shot of a single person with a color-coordinated, elaborate background.


Rocket Science

Marie Antoinette


Garden State


Video examples, after the jump.


The Life Aquatic



Little Miss Sunshine (less good, but with elements of)


Just thought that was kind of interesting.


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