The Untold Genius of Jazzuo

Ah — the Internet, home to such amateur media genius/tinkerers as David Firth and Joel Veitch.

…and “Jazzuo” — author of the completely inexplicable game Sexy Hiking.

Details on the creator are sketchy at best and his website seems to have gone entirely defunct, but according to his listing at Portal of Evil, he’s some homebrew game designer living in Poland.

The game itself is pure, unadulterated madness.

You play a piebald egg-head guy with long legs, 3-D shoes (as one commenter wrote “LOL HIS SHOES ARE 3D!!! WHY?”) and a disembodied hammer-wielding pair of gloves. (pictured above)

This would be ridiculous enough, but from what I can tell, the entire game consists of attempting to climb over a single tree, located on some god-forsaken badly rendered platform in the middle of nowhere.

Though from what I gather from this review and its attendant comments — you might be able to pull it off with some luck and mad gamer skills.
But, needless to say, the game is, therefore, neither sexy, nor has anything to do with hiking.

This would make it the unintentional godfather of such Internet hits as One Dimensional Tetris, and Mario Battle No.1. In short, it is inane — and brilliant — all at the same time.

Jazzuo himself is pretty proud of his production, commenting under one critic’s review with,

i must say first of all that i think of this game as mine most odd and original game. The meaning of game is to simulate hiking on computer. And the simulation is just wonderful. I think the mouse usage is one of kind. Im proud of this game.

Ever prolific, Jazzuo has also created an equally ridiculous and painfully unfunny series of animations — entitled “Boobza Girl” and “John Packadge” — which all, for some reason or another, end abruptly, and are ridiculously amusing for Jazzuo’s vocal stylings. Like “Sexy Hiking,” they offer no explanation and are probably operating in some cultural space for which I have no context for understanding.

In other words, it’s totally worth checking out.

Available on YouTube, notable episodes include Packadge Episode 5, and “Hemies,” which should give you a sense of what you’re dealing with.

I ❤ the Internet.


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  1. 1

    mako said,

    I’m so glad wine let me play this game. I head to read your text to realize that my issues were the game were not, in fact, problems with Wine’s emulation.

    If only, for Jazzuo’s sake, this was the case.

  2. 2

    Dale Wojner said,

    The articles on this website are all really high quality. I could spend literally hours reading the posts on this blog and never get bored. So yeh just wanted to comment and tell you :).

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