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A Brother Nathanael Post-Mort

Some of you may remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about Brother Nathanael’s week-long incredibly inept hate-mongering one-man protest against the ACLU where he sported cowl, big ass cross, bike reflectors, and a huge “ACLU JEWS ARE ANTICHRIST” sign.

He recently scored an exclusive interview…with himself…about his protest of the ACLU. It’s been posted to his livejournal — which features a whole new crop of insane MS-paint composed collages and incredibly leading questions.

It’s awesome: a little like watching someone really getting into talking with themselves.

And here it is.

Vaguely interesting tidbits, after the jump.

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Go Team Scott Jennings!

Just saw this one on TPMmuckraker — it’s Scott Jennings being grilled by Leahy on the U.S. Attorneys thing. The guy pulls executive privledge on answering a question about his job description.

This shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

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Assume this phone is tapped

this sticker used to be really funny (especially given its location) however now one could presumably place it on every phone in America. Go AT&T!

this should be rotated

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Association Is Causation: Part II

Some of you may have heard about Oscar the Death Cat — the amazing cat that has accurately predicted the death of over 20 patients in a nursing home. If he curls up next to you, you’re probably going to die within 4 hours.

The report suggests that Oscar might just be unusually capable at picking up on the subtle signs of impending death, but the facts are consistent with another possible hypothesis:


They’ll probably be way embarrassed if that later turns out to be the case.


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Delicious Delicious Conspiracy

Interesting information coming in through the Internets today that the website that proclaimed that the recent London car bombing incident hours before it occured, Al Hesbah, had long been accused by numerous other Jihadist sites of being a Western intelligence front.

“Britain, with support from the World Wide Web and the Bavarian Illuminati, will attack to destroy…”?

Not conclusive by any means, but a way cool speculation.

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Oh Boy

This study paper analyses the extent to which clandestine organizations embedded in the military andi ntelligence branches of government have been infiltrated by different ET factions, and the threat this poses to the sovereignty of humanity.

ET, of course, meaning aliens. AWESOME.

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New Favorite Program

via Nelson. It’s a program that protects you against CIA mind-control waves. AWESOME.

Pontentially, the best part is the license, which is just like the GPL, but restricts you from using MindGuard to help you control other people’s minds.

Choice quote:

“If you developed new anti-mind-control software and you want it to be of the greatest possible use to Humanity in its struggle against the Forces of Evil, the best way to achieve this is to make it free software that everyone can redistribute, but only non-evil people can modify, under these terms.”

Someone needs to build a 2.0 app from this.

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