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Free As In Free Culture: Trilemma’d

While this year’s iCommons certainly brought a vast array of different viewpoints and ideas to the table, it occured to me that if one actually sat down to compile a list of existing broad trends in how the Free Culture community deals with itself, it’d actually be fairly short. I’d contend it would read something like this —

1) The Push To Define Freedom — As advocated by Mako and the basis for Driscoll’s current project to collect visions for “How It Looks Like After We’ve Won.” Essentially, the argument for which is pretty reasonable and basic: knowing your end goal is usually useful for guiding your action, even if that goal is very broadly drawn.

2) Free Culture as a Community Uniter — As seen in the James Boyle conception of FC as a “cultural enviromentalist movement” that attempts to forge points of unity between previously disaparte communities a la Silent Spring/Enviromentalism.

3) Free Culture as Inclusive to All Cultural Communities — As seen in classic Lessig and arguably in how Benkler characterizes the Free Culture situation as a battle over two camps of institutional ecology. That is, that Free Culture’s aim should be to bring these issues to as many cultural production communities as possible.

Indeed, I think if you talked to most Free Culture people, you’d find that most people agree to a greater or lesser extent with all three.

But I think if you look at the problem closer, it’s not just that all three are difficult to pursue simultaneously, it’s impossible.

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Night 2: Benkler

Yochai is giving the key-note. I’ll be liveblogging with some regularity. He’s so loveable.


Photos: Fred B — CC BY-SA. Thanks!

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I’m Sitting Here…

I’m sitting here listening to a panel of artists who are playing with net related space and peer production. Tim Whidden, of the group MTAA, did the awesome above animated gif. It was remixed into this. That is all.

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iCommons Croatia — Lessig/Zittrain SMACKDOWN

Photo By: Joi, via Flickr CC BY Thanks!

Alright, so, night one — Lessig AND Zittrain doing the keynote. I’ll be liveblogging with some regularity. Should be rocking.

We should probably also catch Nesson at some point during this.

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Bizzare Cross-Promotional

Saw this right before I left on my plane. This cross-promotional is just completely inexplicable. Also — lunchables are ridiculous.

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