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altai…or canada? you decide!

so i got the chance to go to the altai mountains last weekend. i spent a fun filled 3 days riding sickly horses, pissing in holes in the ground, and watching the koreans get trashed with some fun russian newlyweds. all in all i’d say it was an awesome time, though the surroundings struck me as a picture postcard of canada, and made me wonder why i’d travelled so far to essentially see my pseudo-native lands. however it was worth the 8hr drive, and i’d recommend it to anyone interested.


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where have all the special ops been?

reason #569 i’m glad i came to russia: tonight i was escorted home from ТЦ…by a future russian spy!

that’s right. my escort was a member of russia’s special airborne forces, and tells me that he is essentially a spy in training. i came to be acquainted with this young man (Timor, or ‘Tim’ in english) outside the grocery store, where i was having a soda with my american girlfriend. timor overheard my friend and i speaking, deduced we were foreigners, and without asking, pulled up a chair at our table along with his drunk friend. apparently there’s a military academy just down the road, and somehow i never knew of its existence until tonight, when half of its students ended up drunk and in the fountain outside the main shopping center. where have all these kids been? akademgorodok isn’t exactly a big town, and men in uniform tend to stand out. alas and alack, tonight was the first and last time i will see these gents, as they are scheduled to ship out tomorrow for the black sea. i should’ve stolen one of their barets while i had the chance…

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why i love bloggers

because they write hilarious pieces like this. gotta give my dad a shout out on this one for sending it my way.

excerpt from Andy Borowitz’s “The Key to Happiness”:

What do you need to start your own hedge fund? Just three things:

1) a telephone
2) a desk
3) 10 billion dollars

Now, take a quick look at that list. I’ll bet you already have a telephone and a desk. That’s two out of the three things you need, meaning that you’re already more than halfway home. As for number three — the ten billion dollars — that’s almost as easy to get as a telephone or a desk. Just make a list of people with ten billion dollars to spare who might give it to you. A partial list would be: banks, investment banks, and billionaires. How will you get them to give it to you? Just tell them you’re starting a hedge fund. Everyone knows that hedge funds are awesome.

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wall street’s next venture… death bonds

now, as the product of a good, old-fashioned, american capitalist household i’ve been raised to respect and appreciate all of the many opportunities that wall street has given me in life. but seriously… does this sit well with anyone?

“Profiting from Mortality; Death bonds may be the most macabre investment scheme ever devised by Wall Street”

Check it out here.

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random awesomeness

i’m not a harry potter fan, but i’ve read enough/seen enough of the movies to appreciate the hilarity of this:

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (the movie script) in 15 minutes. it’s definitely worth a read.

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gorgeousness and gorgeousity


watching the sun set over the Обское море is one of the most beautiful sights i’ve seen in a long time, so if you’re ever in akademgorodok and can brave the mosquitoes and flies, i highly recommend it. also fun is camping out on the beach and seeing all the old people go swimming at 7am in the freezing cold water.

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the soldiers and the opera house


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