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Dork and the Ivy

Also, check out our first ever meta-blog, Dork and the Ivy, devoted purely to commenting on posts of Lena Chen’s (in)famous blog Sex and the Ivy, and squaring off against whatever Tim happens to be doing on that day. Coolest and/or most dramatic day wins.


Lena CHEN: 1, Tim HWANG: 0


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Why Harvard Needs The Culture Jam

Although by now it’s no longer accurate to hip-smugly call the culture jamming/Reclaim the Streets movement “underground” (Banksy was in the New York Times and the Yes Men were in the Washington Post for god’s sake), it’s critique, so nicely put together by Naomi Klein in her canonical No Logo, is still pretty terrifically viable despite coming together close to a decade ago and being severely rhetorically ripped a new one in Heath’s The Rebel Sell. In its broadest construction, the idea is pretty simple: we used to have a public space, which provided the positive room for discussion and creativity. But this got enclosed. We need to take it back.

Though it applies broadly to all sorts of situations, I think Harvard itself desperately needs active culture jamming, if not only because the space it creates is so symptomatic of this critique.

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