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up, up, down, down, left, right, chocolate frosting

I forget what flavor the grey frosting was but all the cupcakes were delicious.  This was from a birthday party I attended last night where the show piece for the night was a bunch of cupcakes formed into a NES controller!  Other dishes at the pot luck dinner included french bread in the shape of an Atari logo, green beans shaped like the pipe flowers from Super Mario Bros, and rice krispies in the shape of Pacman!

NES Controller Birthday cake


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some thoughts on social computing

So I was just invited to be a part of a panel at Wellesley College on social computing, creating a public persona via the web, the use of online resources for political organization, public versus private life, and so on, and I figured that since I’ve just become a part of this teamblog that it was sort of appropriate. It’s sort of funny that the first time I become a part of something like a team blog (and I can’t lie here, I’m glad that I got this email because it gave me something to write about, the total freedom involved otherwise was a little too much for me) and all of a sudden I have to think about my public persona in terms of the interweb.

I notice personally that for me, the parts of the internet I most frequent have become somewhat ritualized. Checking Livejournal, the comics, my email, and facebook is as much a part of my routine as drinking coffee in the morning and reading before I go to sleep at night. In fact, I find I’m restless and unable to sleep if I don’t check these things before I go to bed, and unable to concentrate on classes or work if I don’t check them when I wake up. But at the same time, while they are social to some extent(checking what people I know have said on Livejournal, basically stalking everyone I know on Facebook), they also seem very private, as if we as a society are creating new ways of ‘socializing’ while basically being alone and keeping to ourselves. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons the wide world of the internet appeals to me.

Unlike most people I know, also, I don’t use any AIM type client. I don’t really go online to manage nineteen mostly vapid conversations…I do use Google chat, but since most people I know don’t use it, I’m usually safe from being caught in the socialization trap.

So I feel like in terms of social computing I’m sort of at a loss, since I use the internet and computing in general as a way to sort of keep my shields up and avoid people while still technically maintaining sociality. (Pretend it’s a word and that I used it right. Go on, do it.)

Anyone have any thoughts on this sort of thing?

becca, first post out. 🙂

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Let Me Introduce My (Three More) Friends

I’m glad to report that the ThisShitIsBananas family is about to get a whole lot bigger. Now introducing —

Mike — Was going to get major oral surgery, now is not. Instead, he will be witty and cynical and tech-savvy on this blog.

Kyle — Was going to hold a mondo ridiculous job as a food/hospitality big-shot, now is not. Instead, he will be photoblogging and occasionally being postmodern on this blog.

Becca — Was originally never going to see her again, but turns out I did. She will be amazing and awesome and blog about cool things that she’s thinking about.

As always, if you know anyone else who might want to team blog with such a fascinating group of people, do let me know.

In other news, watching old Eurovision submissions on YouTube might just be the best thing ever.

More after the jump.

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Let Me Introduce My Friends

Gee howdy, so, after much discussion and finagling and getting through exams, the team summer blog is in business.

I’ll let everyone introduce themselves, but generally speaking, so people have a reference point — the people who (I think) will start blogging in this space are the following.

Elizabeth — blogging from Siberia (and thereabouts)

Clancy — blogging from around the United States (as she tours with Ours — a really cool band)

Christina — blogging from Jamaica (and reforming the prison system)

Tim — blogging from the ACLU in New York City (whose office, incidentally, is grey themed. No kidding — pictures forthcoming)

If you’d like to be part of (or know someone who might like to be part of) this blog — shoot me an e-mail.

We’re now live — I’ll be blogging regularly around noon post-lunch during the weekdays and variably during the weekends.

Christina and I have been talking alot about the current problems with internet culture studies. There’ll be something about that tomorrow, I think.

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