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Regulation as a Storytelling Constraint

What’s interesting about the U.S. version of the Office is that, despite essentially building off of the same premise as its predecessor, it still manages to be hugely different than its British counterpart. Granted, both still manage to be wildly entertaining, but in pretty distinguishable ways.

Though you might be able to square away the content of the humor to the particular sensibilities of each show’s respective audience, some things don’t seem immediately obvious to attribute to cultural differences. For example, the pattern of British television shows more generally is repeated in the UK Office — that is, there’s only a few hour long episodes.

Mike and I were chilling out this weekend, and we hit upon a pretty cool rationale that ties concrete economic regulation of mass media in each country to the kinds of stories that artists can tell and the sorts of plot elements they can use.

I thought it was a pretty interesting idea since it implies that the way the government chooses to be involved in a medium (not only as censor) shapes the artistic, aesthetic elements that become widely distributed in the public sphere.

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David Pogue is Weird

David Pogue, well known NY Times tech reviewer and one of the few people in the world to receive an advance iPhone, is quite odd. And awesome. Want proof? Check out his latest video: iPhone – The Musical.

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Die Hard with a Star Wars Gag

Howdy. For my inaugural post I thought I’d go with something that can’t lose: this awesome Die Hard music video. Also check out ‘The Inbox of Nardo Pace, the Empire’s Worst Engineer.’

Stay tuned for my upcoming series of post on Dumb Summer Movies including an examination on why Live Free or Die Hard lived free while Transformers merely transformed a potentially awesome premise into crap.

Next Up: Transformers – Racist or Xenophobic? You Decide.

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