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Another Two Rounds of Dork and the Ivy

More Dork and the Ivy today, pretty even day of fighting. Hwang +1, Chen +1.

It’s getting prohibitively long — so we might be moving the ongoing competition to its own separate blog. Stay tuned kiddies.



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Dork and the Ivy

Also, check out our first ever meta-blog, Dork and the Ivy, devoted purely to commenting on posts of Lena Chen’s (in)famous blog Sex and the Ivy, and squaring off against whatever Tim happens to be doing on that day. Coolest and/or most dramatic day wins.


Lena CHEN: 1, Tim HWANG: 0

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Why Oh Why Harlequin Romance?

Yeah, you heard it here first, Harlequin Romance now features a NASCAR-themed series of novels.

Godawful plot premises, after the jump

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I Am So Suprised

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Die Hard with a Star Wars Gag

Howdy. For my inaugural post I thought I’d go with something that can’t lose: this awesome Die Hard music video. Also check out ‘The Inbox of Nardo Pace, the Empire’s Worst Engineer.’

Stay tuned for my upcoming series of post on Dumb Summer Movies including an examination on why Live Free or Die Hard lived free while Transformers merely transformed a potentially awesome premise into crap.

Next Up: Transformers – Racist or Xenophobic? You Decide.

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Most Amazing Cardboard Box

So I just finished up a suitably intern-y task here at the office which featured me taking lots of legal files and boxing them to be sent off to the Archives. Less than amazing.

What WAS amazing, however, was the Paige Miracle Box they had me using.

Essentially, the idea is that the box starts out completely flat, and then you simply push down on it, and the thing AUTOMATICALLY ASSEMBLES ITSELF INTO A DOUBLE-WALLED FULL BOX WITH NEATLY FOLDED BOTTOM.

Holy crap. This jankity animated GIF animation doesn’t do it justice — but it totally wins the award for Pimp Ass Paper-Based Office Tech of the Year. It’s straight out of an alternative Japanese Origami-punk Jetsons universe. (watch till :50)

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More Infoporn

via Christopher — It’s a talk that uses the new Trendalyzer. It’s gorgeous.

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